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22nd-Oct-2008 11:32 pm(no subject)
Another dry spell! Sorry, but my place doesn't get much good sunlight now that it's fall, and I'm so tireddddd of only being able to take pictures out on my balcony. I still have some other pictures to edit & sort, but these will do for now.

3 of Anne in her new wig, 4 of Koki'oCollapse )
8th-Sep-2008 12:58 am - flooooooood
A bunch of little shots this time. Not very good quality.Collapse )

Since taking these I've gotten a little silly with wig-swapping, so I'm afraid I may be flooding again soon.

Plus a few higher-res pics of KenshinCollapse )
26th-Aug-2008 02:46 pm(no subject)

Introducing Squid!!Collapse )

And some miscellaneous pics.Collapse )

Xiao Fan is pretty cute, I like her eyechips & lids. I would've hated having to wait so long for her, though.
22nd-Aug-2008 10:30 pm - LA Meet III
Whoops, I forgot that I hadn't posted these here yet. Just the same set as the thread on PS.

It ended up being just the four of us: Miriam (Zetoast), Alexandra (Pulchritudinous), Angel (Miss Sunday), and me, plus families/friends. Still very fun, though~ It's great getting to hang out with people I wouldn't have met otherwise if it weren't for dollies. XD

Baochai on the way there.
I still haven't decided on a new wig for her yet... she looks pretty nice in Eris', though.

The restCollapse )
8th-Aug-2008 01:47 am(no subject)

FINALLY, a picture you can see her purple lashes in.

More.Collapse )
Sorry, these pics are HUGE.Collapse )

I've since returned Anne and Koki'o to their usual selves, but I have to admit I kind of miss Koki'o with blue eyes & blonde hair (especially in the Paja wig. the Uncan one is getting really ratty and its ashy tone suits almost no one; I just really like the floofy bangs). There's something a little bit Haute and a little bit Shinku about her like that.

Melon will probably stay like this, though.

I need to get some pictures of Colonnello and Kenshin in their new fur wigs!!
So... because I'm a total klutz, I accidentally ruined my trusty old camera. ;____; The bad news is, it cost too much to repair to be worth fixing, but the good news is that I have a new camera now~

The first two sets of pics taken with it. :)Collapse )

And I almost completely forgot about these, but a few pics I took with my roommate's camera last week:

''Dramatic'' lowlight shotsCollapse )

I'm trying to decide who to bring with me to Vegas... last time, I brought ViVi (she just seems like a Vegas kind of girl, hahaha), but I ended up not having enough time or energy to take the kind of touristy shots I wanted to. I'm wondering if I should bring her again or someone else (Anne, Sano, and Koki'o are out of the equation because I brought them home)...
7th-Jun-2008 01:22 pm - facepalm.jpg
UHM...Collapse )
31st-May-2008 01:03 am - vivivenus love

Hahaha I'm such a wotagei.

ViVi photoshoot / me playing around with photo editing.Collapse )

I preordered Celsiy because I fell in love with her at first sight, but I'm 99% sure I'm going to rechip her. I don't really like JP's foiled eyes much

Trying to figure out which Coolcat chips I want to use for her. These are some estimates~Collapse )

I'm kind of partial to the first and last, though I kind of like the green/yellow ones in theory because they're similar to her glasses.
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