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LA Meet III 
22nd-Aug-2008 10:30 pm
[ out of this world ] . andie
Whoops, I forgot that I hadn't posted these here yet. Just the same set as the thread on PS.

It ended up being just the four of us: Miriam (Zetoast), Alexandra (Pulchritudinous), Angel (Miss Sunday), and me, plus families/friends. Still very fun, though~ It's great getting to hang out with people I wouldn't have met otherwise if it weren't for dollies. XD

Baochai on the way there.
I still haven't decided on a new wig for her yet... she looks pretty nice in Eris', though.

Angel's Pru

:D Angel's Jouet

Miriam's Orientdoll

Miriam's Dimitri.

Angel's Nina

Angel's Asuka

Angel's Hina + her Jouet again~

Miriam's Bree (Melon's new bff). I wish I'd gotten a picture of her with her sunglasses off; Rovam looks ridiculously good with Haute LA's eyemech.

Pru again.

My Squiddy! ♥ More of her in the next post. She's so ridiculously cute; I'm glad I didn't give in and buy another Assa. Somehow it wouldn't be quite as satisfying as owning Squid.
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