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8th-Sep-2008 12:58 am
[ see through you ] . kenshin

Koki'o loooves Celsiy's stock bits. Too bad I accidentally broke one of the arms of the sunglasses trying to get them on her head... oops. ;;

My Celsiy didn't really click with anyone until I put her by Baochai. Apparently they are sisters, so meet Baoqin.

So far, the theory that Anne's wig looks good on everyone is still true. She's not too bad in blonde, either.

Chai being unusually girlish.

Finally some pictures of the neglected boys. Kenshin's scar didn't turn out well this time; I don't know how I managed that first time. (Look, even he's ashamed, he's covering it up.)

Her head finally doesn't fall off all the time anymore (though her neck is still pretty floppy). I kind of like her with this wig; she might be stealing it from ViVi, at least until I find her something better. The Craziia one she was wearing before is dying a horrible death. I'll see if I can ressurect it, but even so, I'm not really feeling the color on her anymore. Andie was always the picky one...

Since taking these I've gotten a little silly with wig-swapping, so I'm afraid I may be flooding again soon.

I love him, poorly drawn scar and all. ♥ I hate how knobby his Obitsu shoulders look in certain shirts, though...
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