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23rd-Apr-2008 03:50 pm(no subject)
Isn't crossdressing fun!?Collapse )

HAHAHA, now that that ridiculousness is over, some normal pictures.

Anne and ViViCollapse )
30th-Mar-2008 09:17 pm - not dialup-friendly
Full & larger version of the set I posted on PS.

AnneCollapse )

ViViCollapse )

MelonCollapse )

Koki'oCollapse )
14th-Mar-2008 03:20 pm(no subject)
Long time no post!! It's been kind of a busy month for me, and when I'm NOT busy, I'm feeling tired and lazy as hell.

Even though finals are coming up, I took a 'study break' today~Collapse )
6th-Feb-2008 03:44 pm(no subject)
I kept meaning to do this, but I wanted to wait until I had other content to post along with it.

Tagged by kiwirific & wihse

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it."
I'm copping out of this one orz

01. I like telling really lame jokes. I always insist that my friends give me a "courtesy laugh" before they tell me the joke is bad, so I'll at least know that they got it and not embarrass myself further by trying to explain it.
02. It's pretty stupid, but I let fandom ruin my love for things sometimes. It's why I gave up on Harry Potter (although, after hearing about the way the series ended, I'm pretty glad I did lmao sorry HP fans but I can't stand that franchise anymore) and why I'm losing more and more interest in Avatar.
03. I'm really bad at typing numbers and have to hunt and peck a little when it comes to them.
04. Because I have no foresight, I never start to make food for myself until after I start feeling hunger pains. So I'm always eating and cooking at the same time hahaha pretty lame.
05. I daydream constantly when I'm walking around, so I always get startled when I come across acquaintances and they greet me.
06. I don't like writing in pen. It feels too permanent!
07. Every day when I come home, I automatically crane my neck over the fence around our patio area (where the mail carrier leaves packages if no one's home) to take a look, even if I'm not expecting anything.

And now the pictures!

First, a few of bbjCollapse )

And then some Pullip/Dal pics.Collapse )
23rd-Jan-2008 07:29 pm(no subject)

Eris looks awesome in Hangry's stock.Collapse )

Additionally, I finally got one of the Top Model Barbies yesterday (Summer)~ I can't seem to stop thinking of her as Sam... so Sam it is.

I bet you're tired of seeing my balcony by now.Collapse )
22nd-Jan-2008 06:45 pm - HANGRY & ANGRY

Full version of the set from PS.Collapse )

I'm so ambivalent about the hair. I like the color in theory, but it's really hard to photograph. And I'm not too thrilled about the style.

I can't decide if she's going to become Colonello or not, either, but I do know that those lips have got to go. Everything else is sheer love, though!
13th-Jan-2008 02:46 pm(no subject)

Today, my Jupi was finally freed from her cardboard prison.

Actually, I discovered that the shop I bought her from had probably taken her out of her box once before (to prevent body melt and arrange her more nicely for display). So I feel a little less bad about "ruining" her NRFB status.

+9Collapse )
12th-Jan-2008 02:20 pm - godiva

+6Collapse )

I feel kind of in a rut photography-wise. She was SO COOPERATIVE today, even in the sort of setting she doesn't normally like, but I couldn't capture that.

I need to remember to change the ISO before I start pointing and clicking away lasdfjlkjdflk fail fail fail.

I've decided on a name for Prunella (even though I haven't bought her yet), and will probably change my Jupi's name to match (they're going to be cousins).
4th-Jan-2008 11:35 pm(no subject)
It figures that the day I finally rein in my short attention span and impatience is a day it actually RAINS.
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